Viral-est ad ever

Nike’s new “Write the Future” commercial — long version shown here — is said to be the most widely viewed spot (on a weekly basis) ever, beating out the dreadful Earl’s Advice to Tiger video. YouTube views now top 10,000,000.

The Number Lives! Take 2

How best to finance old age in a society in which fewer than one in five understand what compound is? A Wharton School report furnishes further details.

The Number Lives!

One assumes things are getting better out there when you start seeing fresh stories about our unending curiosity about how much money other people have.

The end of advertising as we know it?

That’s the buzz. Goodbye, Madison Avenue. Hello, you and me.

It’s not about how much, but what for

Was struck by AARP’s new ad campaign, which seems to mirror the punchline to The Number:

What happened in Vegas now stays on Macau

Pretty amazing, not altogether shocking, that Steve Wynn is likely to move his gaming headquarters from Vegas, where things ain’t what they used to be, to Macau, where the action is and will be.

Sun City Confidential

Back when I was researching The Number, I lived for a week at Sun City Grand (Surprise, AZ), trying to get a sense of what it would be like to spend one’s final decades in a bona fide retirement community: jacked golf carts, no kids allowed, sidewalks so clean you could eat Metamucil off them. The sprawling community buzzed with energy: packed gym, nonstop sports, a lively bar scene. It’s not at all surprising that there’s now a new reality TV show that takes place out there, one that seems to only slightly exaggerate the madcap of the wild and crazies I ran into out there.

A commercial rated R-DD

Lane Bryant seems to be stoking a supposed controversy over its forthcoming, “steamy”, plus-size underwear commercial:

Tweeting through the Apocalypse

New York Magazine has a spirited cover story on the explosion of fledgling social-media efforts in the Apple. Shades of Silicon Valley, circa 1995. Why does it seem so exhausting?

What’s written in your coupons

The Times has a front page story that makes a big deal out of something that’s been around for quite a time now, the degree to which online marketers know who you are, where you’ve browsed, what you’ve bought, how to ring your Buy bell.